K Series Mobile Crushing Plant

Application:K series portable crushing and screening plants can not only be used for crushing, but also be used to produce high quality sand, wash sand, sharp aggregates and screen particles and some other processing work in metal mines, building aggregates and solid waste treatment industries, etc.


K SERIES MOBILE CRUSHING & SCREENING PLANT is researched to meet customers’ demand on high quality and high output. Suitable for various metal mine crushing work, total construction and solid waste treatment. Compared with fixed crushing line of equal power or old mobile plant, K Series Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant is of more reliable performance stability, more complete function and higher practicability.

Learn More About M&C K Series Mobile Crushing Plant

1.Moving flexible
2.The vibrating feeder can finish the pre-screening work, which can increase the crushing capacity and cut the production cost.
3.Take advantage of the hydraulic system to control equipment installation, lifting, erection, transportation, contraction, folding and other motions to achieve simple and convenient
4.double hopper belt conveyor
5.A water-jet dust suppression device and other relevant devices are added as options to satisfy users’ various requirements